Horse Racing - John Durkan Memorial Chase

Held at Punchestown, County Kildare, Ireland each December, this race is run over two-and-a-half miles and has been named since 1998 after a former amateur jockey who died at the age of 31 from Leukaemia. Until 1973 it was run over a distance of two miles.

1968 BOLD FENCER J Crowley A O'Brien
1969 KINLOCH BRAE T Hide W O'Grady
1970 EAST BOUND S Barker T Dreaper
1971 STRAIGHT FORT E Wright J Dreaper
1972 STRAIGHT FORT E Wright J Dreaper
1973 LEAN FORWARD P McLou'lin J Dreaper
1974 LOCH INAGH S Barker J Dreaper
1975 CAPTAIN CHRISTY B Coonan P Taaffe
1976 FORT FOX F Berry J Cox
1977 FORT FOX T McGivern J Cox
1978 JACK OF TRUMPS N Madden E O'Grady
1979 JACK OF TRUMPS N Madden E O'Grady
1980 CHINRULLAH N Madden M O'Toole
1981 TACROY T Carmody M O'Brien
1982 CHORELLI P Walsh M O'Brien
1983 BAL'CURRA LAD P Leech J Fowler
1984 BOBSLINE F Berry F Flood
1985 DAWN RUN T Mullins P Mullins
1986 BOBSLINE F Berry
F Flood
1987 EXCURSION J Queally G Stewart
1988 HUNGARY HUR T Carmody J Mulhern
1989 MAID OF MONEY A Powell J Fowler
1990 CARVILL'S HILL K Morgan J Dreaper
1991 GARAMYCIN B Sheridan W Deacon
1992 GOLD OPTIONS M Dwyer P McCreery
1993 CAH'VILLAHOW N W'iamson M Morris
1994 MERRY GALE K O'Brien J Dreaper
1995 MERRY GALE R D'woody J Dreaper
1996 ROYAL M'BROWNE C Swan A O'Brien
1997 DORANS PRIDE R D'woody M Hourigan
1998 IMPERIAL CALL P Carberry R Hurley
1999 BUCK RODGERS K Whelan V Bowen
2000 NATIVE U'SHIP C O'Dwyer A Moore
2001 FLORIDA PEARL P Carberry W Mullins
2002 NATIVE U'SHIP C O'Dwyer A Moore
2003 BEEF OR S'MON T Murphy M Hourigan
2004 KICKING KING B G'aghty T Taaffe
2005 HI CLOI A McN'ara M Hourigan
2006 IN COMPLIANCE B G'aghty M O'Brien
D Jacob R Alner
2008 NOLAND S Thomas P Nicholls
2009 JONCOL A Cawley P Nolan
2010 TRANQUIL SEA P McN'ara E O'Grady
2011 RUBI LIGHT A Lynch R Hennessy
2012 FLEMENSTAR A Lynch P Casey
2013 A'VIKA L'NIERE R Walsh W Mullins
2014 DON COSSACK B O'C'nell G Elliott
2015 DJAKADAM R Walsh W Mullins
2016 DJAKADAM R Walsh W Mullins
2017 SIZING JOHN R Power J H'rington
2018 MIN R Walsh W Mullins
2019 MIN P Townend W Mullins
2020 MIN P Mullins W Mullins
2021 ALLAHO P Mullins W Mullins
2022 G'PIN DES CHAMPS P Townend W Mullins
2023 FASTORSLOW JJ Slevin M Brassil

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