Snooker - Shoot Out

New to the tour in 2011, this began as a 64-player event with all matches played over just one frame. Each match lasts no longer than 10 minutes, players lag for choice of break-off, there's a maximum of 20 seconds per shot (once the cue ball comes to rest) for the first five minutes and then 10 seconds for the second five mnutes.
Players must pot a ball or make the cue or object ball hit a cushion on each shot, failure to do so means their opponent being able to place the white wherever he desires for his next shot.
The venue from 2011-2015 was the Circus Arena in Blackpool, England. In 2016 it was staged at the Hexagon in Reading, England. From 2017, when the Colosseum in Watford, England, became its home, the Shoot-Out became a fully-fledged ranking tournament with a 128-player field.
In 2021 it was staged behind closed doors in a bio-secure bubble at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes, England.
In 2022 and January 2023 it was held at the Morningside Arena in Leicester, England. In December 2023 it moved to Swansea Arena, Wales

R Milkins (Eng)
2012 BARRY HAWKINS (Eng) G Dott (Sco)
2013 MARTIN GOULD (Eng) M Allen (Nir)
2014 DOMINIC DALE (Eng) S Bingham (Eng)
2015 MICHAEL WHITE (Wal) Xiao G (Chn)
2016 ROBIN HULL (Fin) L Brecel (Bel)
2017 ANTHONY McGILL (Sco) Xiao G (Chn)
2018 MICHAEL GEORGIOU (Cyp) G Dott (Sco)
2019 THEPCHAIYA UN-NOOH (Tha) M Holt (Eng)
2020 MICHAEL HOLT (Eng) Zhou Y (Chn)
2021 RYAN DAY (Wal) M Selby (Eng)
2022 HOSSEIN VAFAEI (Irn) M Williams (Wal)
2023j CHRIS WAKELIN (Eng) J Leclercq (Bel)
2023d MARK ALLEN (Nir) Cao Y (Chn)

j = January; d = December

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