Cricket - Zimbabwe Pro50 Championship

The major "List A" one-day tournament in Zimbabwe, this was formerly known as the One-Day Competition, the Pro40 Championship and the Inter-Provincial Tournament. From 2009-10 to 2013-14, it was contested by five franchises - Mashonaland Eagles, Matabeleland Tuskers, Mid West Rhinos, Mountaineers and Southern Rocks. Southern Rocks were disbanded in 2014. Rising Stars joined the fray, and claimed the title on debut, in 2017-18. However, Rising Stars were soon disbanded and from 2018-19 it reverted to a four-team competition.  Namibia took part from 2002-06, as did Manicaland, Midlands and Masvingo. From 2006-07 to 2008-09 the teams were Centrals, Easterns, Northerns, Southerns and Westerns.
It was not completed in 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

2003 MASHONALAND Manikaland  
2004 MASHONALAND Midlands  
2005 MATABELELAND Namibia  
2006 MATABELELAND Masvingo  
2007 EASTERNS Northerns   
2008 EASTERNS Centrals  
2009 EASTERNS Wests   
2010 MOUNTAINEERS Mid West Rhinos  
2011 SOUTHERN ROCKS Mid West Rhinos   
2012 MASHONALAND Mid West Rhinos    
2013 MASHONALAND Matabeleland  
2014 MOUNTAINEERS Southern Rocks   
2015 MASHONALAND Matabeleland  
2016 MASHONALAND Mountaineers  
2017 MATABELELAND Mid West Rhinos   
2018 RISING STARS Mountaineers  
2019 MASHONALAND Matabeleland  
2020 Not completed -  
2021 MID WEST RHINOS Southern Rocks  
2022 MOUNTAINEERS Southern Rocks  
2023 MOUNTAINEERS Mid West Rhinos   
2024 MASHONALAND Mid West Rhinos   
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