Snooker - Paul Hunter Classic (Invitational)

This event was called the Fuerth Grand Prix when it was inaugurated as an invitational event in 2004, was given the German Open monicker in 2005 & 2006 before being re-named in honour of the late Paul Hunter in 2007. It earned ranking status in 2010. Click here for winners as a ranking tournament. It was held in Fuerth, Germany.

2004 PAUL HUNTER (Eng) M Stevens (Wal)
2005 MARK KING (Eng) M Holt (Eng)
2006 MICHAEL HOLT (Eng) B Hawkins (Eng)
2007 BARRY PINCHES (Eng) K Doherty (Rir)
2008 SHAUN MURPHY (Eng) M Selby (Eng)
2009 SHAUN MURPHY (Eng) J White (Eng)

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