Cricket - Indian Premier League

The most glamorous tournament in cricket is played out each April/May across India, as 10 star-studded teams battle for the IPL title. A round-robin league decides the qualifiers for the play-offs, the event culminating in a final.

2008 Mumbai RAJASTHAN Chennai
2009 Jo'burg, Rsa
DECCAN Bangalore
2010 Mumbai CHENNAI Mumbai
2011 Chennai CHENNAI Bangalore
2012 Chennai KOLKATA Chennai
2013 Kolkata MUMBAI Chennai
2014 Chennai KOLKATA Punjab
2015 Kolkata MUMBAI Chennai
2016 Chennai HYDERABAD Bangalore
2017 Hyderabad MUMBAI Pune
2018 Mumbai CHENNAI Hyderabad
2019 Hyderabad MUMBAI Chennai
2020 Dubai MUMBAI Delhi
2021 Dubai CHENNAI Kolkata
2022 Ahmedabad GUJARAT Rajasthan
2023 Ahmedabad CHENNAI Gujarat

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