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Football - 2023 Women's World Cup Venue

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Australia and New Zealand will host the 2023 Women's World Cup.

The joint bid beat that of Colombia. Brazil and Japan dropped out of the race earlier this month.

It will be the first Women’s World Cup to feature 32 nations in the finals - up from the current 24.

The competition is scheduled to take place from July to August 2023.

It will be the first World Cup hosted across two of football's continental confederations (Australia is part of the Asian group, while New Zealand has remained in Oceania).

The venues are due to be:

  • Stadium Australia, Sydney (the final), capacity: 70,000
  • Sydney Football Stadium, capacity: 42,512
  • Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, capacity: 30,052
  • Brisbane Stadium, capacity: 52,263
  • Perth Rectangular Stadium, capacity: 22,225
  • Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide, capacity: 18,435
  • Newcastle Stadium, capacity: 25,945
  • York Park, Launceston, Tasmania, capacity: 22,065
  • Eden Park, Auckland (opening game), capacity: 48,276
  • Wellington Stadium, capacity: 39,000
  • Christchurch Stadium, capacity: 22,556
  • Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, capacity: 25,111
  • Dunedin Stadium, capacity: 28,744