Rugby - Auld Alliance Trophy

Inaugurated in 2018, the trophy, which stands 60cm in height and is made of sterling silver, is contested annually only when France and Scotland meet in the Six Nations Championship.  
It commemorates the captains of the two nations in the last matches played before the First World War – Eric Milroy (Scotland) and Marcel Burgun (France), both of whom perished in the conflict. In all, 22 French and 30 Scottish internationalists were killed in action. 
The name “Auld Alliance” dates back to 1295 and was primarily a military and diplomatic accord between France and Scotland.  
Before the advent of the Auld Alliance Trophy, France had won 53 of the 91 meetings to Scotland's 35, with three draws (includes meetings outside of the Five/Six Nations Championship)

2018 Murrayfield Sco 32-26 SCO
2019 Stade de France Fra 27-10 FRA
2019 Riviera, Nice Fra 32-3 *FRA
2019 Murrayfield Sco 17-14 *FRA
2020 Murrayfield Sco 28-17 SCO
2021 Stade de France Sco 27-23 SCO
2022 Murrayfield Fra 36-17 FRA
2023 Stade de France Fra 32-21 FRA
2023 Murrayfield Sco 25-21 *FRA
2023 St Etienne Fra 30-27 *FRA
2024 Murrayfield Fra 20-16 FRA
 *Trophy not contested

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